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Premier Pain Associates

Premier Pain Associates offers the patient who is experiencing pain the best in medical diagnostics and treatment. Our team of a Board Certified Physician and Nurse Practitioner have trained at the premier institutions in the nation in the latest and most advanced techniques to help manage your pain.

We take great pride in offering one of the few true full service, state of the art pain management practices in the area. Our treatment plans are individualized to meet the patient's needs and goals. Rest assured that our group thinks in terms of a patient care model and not a business model.

All of our patients receive an initial examination by our physician, not a physician extender. A thorough review of existing records and X-rays will occur ensuring that we understand the patient's history and previous pain management efforts to the fullest extent possible

The most important thing that our providers do during this critical first encounter is listen. Then we develop a plan of attack to search and terminate the cause of the patient's pain. If it is not possible to terminate the cause we will develop a strategy to help the patient control their pain.

The average patient that is seen in our practice has been to numerous other physicians in an attempt to find satisfactory treatment. We strive to be the last stop on your journey in search of comprehensive, compassionate and cost effective care.

Premier Pain Associates

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